The‌ ‌90 Day Skin Rehab Bootcamp‌ and Skincare Correctives Virtual Program ‌Purchasing‌ ‌Instructions:‌


  1. To enlist, purchase the first month intake support for $250 plus tax, then book your first consultation by using the BOOK NOW button, to start your skin success story.
  2. At the time of your consultation, a customized skincare routine will be bundled specific for you, these will be full size products. Next purchase this Skincare Bundle $350 plus tax. This can be shipped direct to you or you can pick up in our studio.
  3. Then invest in the monthly support, $150 plus tax, you will receive four weekly virtual check-ins, each month. In addition you may be directed to purchase the at home facial kit which includes 12 facials, that cost is $250, plus tax.